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The ultimate and saddest of betrayals
Relaxation crucial to an abuse survivor
At One Holistic Centre
Abuse within the inner sanctum of government
5 years 9 months at 84? Yes, that's fair


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My Blog

The ultimate and saddest of betrayals

Trust, a word I use a lot on this blog. Trust. The strongest of bonds  between a parent and a child. Trust, the natural glue that unites parents snd their offspring. 

Trust is fragile. A piece of glass that can shatter into a million pieces when a parent performs the unthinkable. Thry break that delicate piece of glass so badly it can never be fixed much like the life of the innocent life destroyed for years, for life in some cases.

I have tried many a time to understand why a parent violates their flesh and blood or why a sibling would do the same and i sm a master at analysing - i've had to be but never have i formulated a definitive answer.

Relaxation crucial to an abuse survivor

proper relaxation is so very important to an abuse survivor. see, you never rest. You never truly forget. depending on where you are in the healing process for some the nightmare is consistent and relentless. Imagine waking up and seeing the torturous face of the abuser. Imagine going to bed seeing that same face. Imagine flashbacks throughout the day. Now you wouldn't wish that on your worst enemy would you?

Not being able to chill out, to properly relax is not good for any individual but when you are an abuse survivor it is truly imperative that you find your own way to 'forget'.

At One Holistic Centre

At One Holistic Centre is work in progress. Basically I think I should have shares now in the local d.ielement listingem to be at daily!

At One will be a model of good practice in terms of physical and talking therapies with a psychic work element. 

Stress accounts for almost fifty per cent of visits to a doctor. Stress manifests itself in many ways and before you know it can progress into a more complex conditions. It is so important that we learn to manage our own stress whether that be through physical activity or a more relaxed form of stress relief.

Abuse within the inner sanctum of government

Well, an independent enquiry into alleged historical abuse within government. Elizabeth Butler - Schloss will head this particular enquiry.

I have mulled this scenario over. Here are my thoughts and as always the views I express are my own. Imagine you were given a magic wand with which you could always achieve what you wanted no matter how that may affect others. At first you might think 'great!' Getting the car of your dreams, the designer bling and that beautiful rural retreat. You invest in a huge new wardrobe and are particularly extravagant with your family and closest friends.

5 years 9 months at 84? Yes, that's fair

His honours will be stripped. His glittering career is in tatters. His showbiz friends will drop him if they haven't already. This sad, pitiful man will disappear down the massive hole of anonymity and shame. An unknown phenomenon for a much loved entertainer known worldwide. A man who embraced the UK and made it his home. The proud owner of a CBE likely to be taken from him. The shame he will feel as his sensational drop from much loved to much loathed will hit Rolf Harris and he will have much time to contemplate his fate whilst behind the bars of prison.

Rolf Harris, childhood icon guilty

Rolf Harris as a child represented innocent, happy times. Australia literally was a million miles away to me back then but his personna suggested you are safe with me. He came across ad loveable and kind, animated and fun. He was the guy you would love to have spent the day with because you knew it would be both animated and fun. Yes he would have made me feel safe.

Rolf Harris was positively endorsed for work with children. He was a kid"s entertaner for god's sake. He promoted the importance of learning to swim via a TV campaign.

The good thst came from Outsidr Looking In

Outside Looking In has been a roller coaster of a ride for me. I had to draw on the painful experiences my heart would allow me to publish. Each word incredibly difficult to pen, deletion after deletion snd s whole chunk of the book I pawed over had to be scrapped due to potentially being sued. That was tough. Part of the crucial life puzzle missing, an incomplete story. I cried most nights. Anexhausting day at work followed by my book endeavours, going to bed in the wee small hours. I was a wonan on a very important mission.

Abuse against the most vulnerable

Abuse is abuse. Period. No matter where or who the evil act is directed at. It is totally unacceptable. It's a disease which spreads like an uncontrollable, incurable disease but for me abuse against those in society who cannot speak up effectvely is the worse. Being trapped, imprisoned with no way out  to be the worst of the worst.

Whilst I naturally focus on sexual abuse and those adult abuse survivors I do feel as strongly about abuse againgst the elderly or the sick and weak. Bullying snd abusing someone knowing they cannot defend themselves demonstrates the ultimate in weakness and depravity.

'Hidden' abuse due to shame and fear

Hate is a strong word, an emotive word, but hate creates a very visual picture in our minds and no more so than when we add the word abuse to the mix. I hate the fact that in 2014 abuse is a prevalent as ever. It hides behind the doors of your neighbours, acquaintances, friends and relatives. Those responsible can mask their abhorrent actions with such aplomb. They become the master manipulators of our society. Their victims unable to soeak up, unable at this time to disclose. Secrets can be hidden - sure and when they are shameful for the victim it is understandable why those individuals wish to disappear under the radar BUT abuse is a cancer.

Is it easier to step back instead of forward?

At times I find the reticience to step out of the shadows as an abuse survivor frustrating. Even though I understand sone of the reasons why some don't come forward and say 'I am a survivor' I feel frustrated because I know how empowering disclosure can be. The very heavy almost unbearable weight you carry is lifted. It is such an amazing feeling. After what can be years the oppression is magically lifted. You breathe properly for the first time instead of holding it in because of fear.
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